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Extra point success rate down to 92.5 percent, lowest since 1979

The success rate on extra points is the lowest this season that it has been since straight-on kickers were wearing single-bar facemasks. Heading into Week 14, the league-wide extra point

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Quinn on Nutrition: Holiday nourishment

I am not making this up. The day after I submitted my last column in which I admitted my penchant for peppermint during the holidays, I received a package from

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Best cities for Christmas based on affordability, activities

Christmas is a special holiday no matter what, but some cities are better equipped for celebrations than others, according to a recent report. On Wednesday, WalletHub published a report on

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The global chip shortage is partially to blame for Final Fantasy XIV’s long queues

Many players eager to jump into Final Fantasy XIV’s highly anticipated Endwalker expansion have hit big queues since the game launched in early access on Friday. Part of the reason

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Snowy owl recovering after rescue from front grill of van

Wildlife rescuers in Saskatchewan, Canada, said a snowy owl is expected to make a full recovery after becoming lodged head-first in the front grill of a van. The Salthaven West

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