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Andrew Whitworth will be NFL’s first 40-year-old starting left tackle, doesn’t plan to retire

Andrew Whitworth will turn 40 years old on Sunday, and on Monday night he’ll start for the Rams against the Cardinals and become the first 40-year-old starting left tackle in

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Decline in heart disease death rate slowed from 2011 to 2019

From 2000 to 2011, the age-adjusted heart disease death rate in the United States decreased 3.7 percent per year; however, the decline slowed to 0.7 percent per year during 2011

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese to pay $20 to replace Christmas cheesecake

With cream cheese shortages and supply chain disruptions at an all-time high, The Kraft Heinz Company has come up with a campaign that encourages shoppers to ditch cheesecake and its

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Twitter is testing changes to the way it handles reported tweets

Twitter says it is testing an overhaul to the process for reporting tweets, which it says will ultimately make it easier for users to alert the company to abusive or

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Tornado launches family photo 130 miles away

As a devastating and deadly long-track tornado tore through Kentucky on Friday, the record-breaking storm picked up debris large and small and tossed it into the atmosphere like toys. The

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