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Twitter is testing changes to the way it handles reported tweets

Twitter says it is testing an overhaul to the process for reporting tweets, which it says will ultimately make it easier for users to alert the company to abusive or

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The global chip shortage is partially to blame for Final Fantasy XIV’s long queues

Many players eager to jump into Final Fantasy XIV’s highly anticipated Endwalker expansion have hit big queues since the game launched in early access on Friday. Part of the reason

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Amazon starts rolling out Smart Home Dashboard and other new features to Fire TV

Amazon is today beginning to roll out new features and functionality to its lineup of Fire TV streaming devices and the recently released Fire TV Omni and 4-Series televisions. At

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Alleged Bitcoin inventor trial ends without a real Satoshi standing up

A jury has ruled that Craig Wright, a man who claims to have invented Bitcoin, won’t have to give up half of his supposed stash of crypto — a stash

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Amazon outage isn’t just online: delivery vans and warehouse bots aren’t moving packages

The Amazon Web Services outage that started this morning might be worse than it seemed. That’s not only because it’s reportedly cutting off some streams from Amazon Prime Video, Disney

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Roku could lose YouTube this week so now’s a good time to download the app

An escalating feud that has pitted YouTube, one of the most popular streaming apps in the world, against Roku, a leader in TV streaming devices, could be about to boil

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